Casino High School

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School Hours

Start Times

School starts at 9:00 am with roll call in the period 1 class. Students are expected to be at school before 9:00am and those not attending will be marked absent. 

Punctuality and regular attendance are essential for satisfactory progress. 

Parents and Carers of students who are marked absent at roll call will receive a message via SMS if a mobile number is available.

Late Arrivals and Early Leavers

Students are only permitted to leave school before the end of the school day if they have a note signed by their parent/guardian. This note must be presented at the Student Services counter before school begins at the start of the day. Students who have permission to leave the school must have their early leavers slip from the office with them when leaving school grounds.

Students who arrive late to school must swipe in at the Student Services counter on arrival with a note of explanation from a parent/guardian. Students who are persistently late will enter the school discipline system.

All notes should be written by a parent/guardian and have, at the top, the student's full name, year, roll class and the date. There are special conditions covering the rights and responsibilities of senior students. These are given to Year 11 and 12 students in a separate Policy statement.