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Whilst our canteen is self-serve we still offer lunch orders. Orders can be placed at the Canteen before 9am, but will be accepted at Break 1 in an emergency. Lunch orders should be picked up from the service window. If you have any particular dietary needs please advise Mrs Westbury, the Canteen Supervisor.

Limited amounts of some hot food will be available at Break 1 so please order to ensure your purchase.

The Canteen has a limited stock of basic stationery needs, exercise books, pens, maths instruments, compasses, set squares and protractors.

Profits from the Canteen go back to the school through the P & C Association.

Canteen Rules 

  • No bags allowed in the Self Service Canteen.
  • Students are to proceed in an orderly procession as directed by the teacher on duty. Any puhsing or queue jumping will result in the student being directed to the end of the queue.
  • No food or drinks are to be brought into the Self Service Canteen.
  • All food selected is to be placed on the counter and money made readily available to the cashier.
  • Making your choices as you progress through the Canteen will assist students to be served in a minimum timeframe.
  • Students are to order lunches before 9am. If there is a problem with late buses, please see the Canteen Supervisor.